New discovery near Cappadocia! Massive underground city

Cappadocia Turkey on Christian Cruises

This May Be the World’s Largest Known Underground City An exciting new discovery was recently made near Cappadocia, Turkey, while the Housing Development Administration was in the midst of an urban building project.  A 5,000 year old, underground city was found containing tunnels over 4 miles long! Experts suspect that this underground city was mainly used…

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Nicea: Explore Ancient Church Remains

Nicea Gate on Christian Cruises

Nicea (Nicaea) is a Unique Highlight on Christian Tours. Our Footsteps of Paul tour may have an interesting extension to Cappadocia.  We may have the opportunity to visit Nicea (also called Nicaea), home of the First Council of Churches started in 325AD.  Situated that the east end of Lake Ascanius, this lake town is surrounded by hills and an ancient…

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