Nicea: Explore Ancient Church Remains

Nicea (Nicaea) is a Unique Highlight on Christian Tours.

Our Footsteps of Paul tour may have an interesting extension to Cappadocia.  We may have the opportunity to visit Nicea (also called Nicaea), home of the First Council of Churches started in 325AD.  Situated that the east end of Lake Ascanius, this lake town is surrounded by hills and an ancient wall that is about 33 feet high.

The Ruins of Nicea are well-preserved and give us insight into the days of the early church. It was convened by Emperor Constantine himself (who was the first Christian western monarch to convert a nation to Christ’s teachings). 

Archeology at Nicea contains the finest Jewish menorah’s ever found in the Jewish Diaspora.  They are located at a church that dates back to 8AD, whose complex also contains the ashlars from The Constantine Palace and the Palace of the Senate. 

Nicea also has the Hagia Sofia, with its stunning architectural beauty, this monument has always been a favorite.  The building was the site of the 7th Council and still has beautiful frescoes of Jesus and His life scenes. 

We will have an opportunity to learn how Peter 1 was taught to the Early Church here and to discuss how important the area was to our foundation.  Join us!

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