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Eli Shukron in the Desert


Israeli archaeologist Eli Shukron has worked in the field for archaeology for more than 20 years. Many of our travelers have met and learned from Shukron as he led our tours into the City of David and around Jerusalem, sharing the incredible work that is happening around the city. Now, Eli is playing a larger role than ever in our work.

Eli Shukron will be acting as a guide to several of our upcoming tours, including our 2019 cruise with Joseph and Elizabeth Farah. In 2019, Eli will be one of the central figures in a series of September Biblical Archaeology Cruises.

Over the last 18 years, Eli has:

  • Excavated extensively in the city of David in Jerusalem.
  • Been one of the leading experts on the archaeology of Jerusalem.
  • Discovered and directed the excavation the Pool of Siloam.
  • Discovered and directed excavation of the Jerusalem Pilgrim Road from the Second Temple era.

Listen to Eli's interview with Frank Turek on the CrossExamined.org podcast!