Switzerland: 5 Top Reasons it’s a Hot Reformation Teaching Site

Switzerland and the Reformation

The Switzerland Reformation began in 1519 with the sermons of Ulrich Zwingli, whose teachings largely paralleled Luther’s. Geneva, Switzerland soon became a hotbed for Protestant exiles. In 1541 John Calvin, who had spent the previous decade in exile writing his Institutes of the Christian Religion, was invited to settle in Geneva and put his Reformed doctrine into practice.  Calvin and Zwingli’s doctrines quickly spread across the country.

Because of the country’s rich contribution to the Reformation, it is an important part of the 500-Year Celebration of the movement. Here are highlights of relevant sites and locations to study the Reformation in Switzerland:

5 Top Reasons to visit Switzerland on a Reformation Tour

  1. Cathedrals – We take you to tour and worship in the places where the Reformers taught. Highlights include Zwingli’s church, Romanesque-style Grossmunster with its iconic twin spires. You will see John Calvin’s wooden chair in the St. Pierre Cathedral of Geneva. And the impressive Imperial Abbey of Fraumuenster with its five “Blue Windows” by artist Marc Chagall.
  2. Monuments – Visiting the sites where monuments of Reformers are commemorated will make an impact. Reformation Wall honors many of the main individuals, events, and documents of the Reformation. See the beautiful statue of one of the most important Reformers, Ulrich Zwingli.  You will also see many other points of interest, such as Thorwaldsen’s masterful Lion of Lucerne Monument, the astronomical clock,
  3. Museums and Tours –   Visit the home of martyr, Felix Manz. Take a walking tour of historic Lucerne Federal Palace. Chillon Castle, a medieval castle on Lake Geneva is one of the most visited castles in Europe. In Geneva, tour to the United Nations, Red Cross, and other international organizations.
  4. Countryside – Switzerland is famous for its wonderful, snow-capped mountains and peace loving people. Our tours include many opportunities to see this beautiful country. One such outing is a leisurely drive along lakes and through beautiful valleys to Zurich. Another location is the mountain village of Grindenwald, where you will have free time to walk the trails with spectacular mountain and glacier vistas.
  5. Fellowship – We will have inspiring fellowship with local believers in Switzerland and have an opportunity to connect with the culture. As will all of our tours, the gathering of Christian believers who travel and learn together, will make this exciting and unique adventure.
  6.  Bonus! Time for shopping on Bahnhofstrasse. You will have pleanty of free time in Zurich free time in the historic cobblestone shopping districts to shop for watches, wood carvings and chocolates.

Reformation Tours

In this 500-Year Celebration of the Reformation, we have several tours to study and commemorate the event. Join us as we journey through the breath-taking landscape of Germany and Switzerland to uncover the fascinating history of Martin Luther and the reformation movement.

Our Christian reformation tours are composed of significant sites and locations coupled with expert teaching along the way. These tours are often led by notable teachers such as award-winning author, Dr. Erwin Lutzer of the Moody Church.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Martin Luther and the reformers as you visit the sites where Luther carried out his daily worship and conducted his teachings. Walking the same path’s as Luther once did will heighten your understanding of the reformation movement, as well as, the struggles he faced during the process.

Travel in awe as you stop by the historical sites of Castle Church, Charlottenburg Place, Luther House, Zeppelinfeld, Bern – the political capital of Switzerland, Augustinian Monastery, Reformer Wall, Lake Geneva, and many more.

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