Archaeological Discovery From Time Directly After Jesus’ Last Days

(Photo courtesy Israel Antiquities Authority/Shai Halevy)

From featured an interesting story earlier this week about a mysterious archaeological discovery of a staircase in the City of David from the time right after Jesus’ last days. Excavation Director, Dr. Joe Uziel, told theblaze, “the structure excavated in the City of David is an integral part of a 2,000-year-old stepped street that once led Jewish pilgrims from the Pool of Siloam, or Shiloah, on the southern slope of the City of David to the Second Temple which sat on the Temple Mount.” Archeologist are unsure what this structure was used for but some speculate that is could have been where public announcements or preaching took place at a strategic place in the city, but know one can say for sure. Dr. Joe Uziel was also also quoted in publication as saying, “It’s a unique structure. It doesn’t lead to any building. No other similar structure has been found in Jerusalem and, as far as we know, around the world.”

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Reference: Schwartz, Sharona . “Israeli Archaeologists Find ‘Mystery’ Structure that May Have Been Built Shortly After Jesus’ Last Days in Jerusalem.” 31 August 2015. Web. 02 September 2015.