Can’t Find “Evangelical” Christian Tour Guides in Israel? Here’s Why.

A common problem that arises for Christians, traveling to Israel and Jordan, is the lack of tour guides available who have an understanding of Evangelical Christian faith.  Because there are different beliefs and values under the “Christian umbrella,” it can be difficult to find evangelical Christian tour guides in Israel that suit your Christian group travel needs.

“For instance, Catholics, Orthodox, and Coptic Christians believe that Jesus was crucified at the site where the crusader-era Church of the Holy Sepulcher stands today, at the centre of Jerusalem’s Old City. For most Protestant groups the more appropriate site is the Garden Tomb, located just outside of the Old City in a beautiful setting For the believing, Protestant Christian traveler, it is usually more appropriate to start the retelling of the Passion not at the beginning of the very Catholic and Orthodox Via Dolorosa—which is dotted with Catholic and Orthodox churches and shrines—but at the Palace of High Priest Caiaphas on Mount Zion where the original first-century road leading to the Crucifixion site is in a setting where you are outside, with a view of all Jerusalem.” (from

Many tour guides in the Holy Land are Jewish with a better understanding of the Catholic/Orthodox beliefs. Although, there are some guides who are either messianic Jews or have a background in evangelical Christian teaching. Living Passages has spent years searching for and developing relationships with evangelical Christian tour guides in Israel and Jordan who understand our core Christian beliefs and what is important to our Christian travelers. Not only do we have guides in Israel, but throughout Turkey, Greece, Italy, Ethiopia, Egypt and other countries known for Bible travel. Plan your Christian group travel tour with Living Passages or join an already scheduled Christian tour today!

Here are two of our Holy Land guides that work with our tour groups. Enjoy!