Visit the House of Israel in Ethiopia before Aliyah is completed

Still today, Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) religious practices and their original texts are from First Temple pre-622BC, not Second Temple. Consequently, their assimilation into modern day Judaism in Israel since the air lifts has seriously compromised their heritage and identity.

This is documented by Dr. Bernard Leeman – lending credence for the Sheba-Menelik Cycle Torah of ancient Ethiopia. This Torah excludes the laws listed in the Book of Deuteronomy, which most authorities agree was composed during Josiah’s reign (641-609BC) albeit utilizing some earlier oral traditions of Moses.

David Hubbard, former head of Fuller Theological Seminary wrote that the Sheba-Menelik Cycle Torah most probably belonged to an old oral tradition or even a written text pre-dating the seventh century BC. And, that it may even date from before Solomon’s death in 925BC.

When you join us on a Bible study tour of Ethiopia you will visit the communities of the House of Israel in Ethiopia. When you travel with us at Timket or the other festivals you will also witness the overwhelming Jewishness of their ceremonies.

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