Evidence from 700 BC Proves Jerusalem a Jewish City

Papyrus with oldest-known Hebrew reference to Jerusalem is dated 1,300 years before birth of Islam

Tours to the Holy Land: A 2,700 year old papyrus, from the First Temple-era, speaks of the Hebrew city “Yerushalem”. Breaking Israel News. a news organization that offers a Biblical perspective on news from Israel and the Middle East, recently reported that the Israel Antiquities Authority deems this reference as evidence of Judaism’s connection to its most holy city. 

“Radiocarbon dating determined the papyrus was from the seventh century BCE, at the time of the First Temple, making it only one of three Hebrew papyri from that period and predating the Dead Sea Scrolls by hundreds of years.”  Read the full story here….

The papyrus emphatically disproves the Palestinian claim to Jerusalem, a precondition that has been a stumbling block preventing negotiations with Israel. The document is a trade record with reference to wine, a robust industry in ancient Israel at that time. Wine, an essential element in the Temple services, is expressly forbidden in Islam. As Breaking News Israel states, “Muslims would be hard-pressed to explain their part in this wine deal.”  Another clear indication that Jerusalem was originally Jewish, and not Muslim.

Travel to the Holy Land

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