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Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean


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Why you should go on one of our Holy Land Tours

The city of Jerusalem seen through a window, facing Temple Mount on a Holy Land tour

As Carolyn stood on the Garden of Gethsemane during her Holy Land tour with Living Passages, the weight of the anguish Christ experienced there, just mere hours before he faced the cross, fell on her. She had to sit down on a bench outside of the Gethsemane Chapel to sob. She had wanted to go…

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Mount Zion Might Not Be Where We Always Thought

The traditional Mount Zion in the Old City of Jerusalem

For decades, tourists have made a traditional circle through the Old City of Jerusalem, visiting so called biblical sites including Mount Zion. Shops have cropped up at these sites, selling wares and trinkets. It’s become its own economy, where it is less important that biblical events actually happened there, and more important that loads of…

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Evidence from 700 BC Proves Jerusalem a Jewish City

Papyrus with oldest-known Hebrew reference to Jerusalem is dated 1,300 years before birth of Islam Tours to the Holy Land: A 2,700 year old papyrus, from the First Temple-era, speaks of the Hebrew city “Yerushalem”. Breaking Israel News. a news organization that offers a Biblical perspective on news from Israel and the Middle East, recently reported…

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Christian Tour of The Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Our authentic Israel Tours to the Holy Land feature a unique sifting project and Christian tour of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Ancient Temple Mount at Site of King Solomon’s Stable On our tours, we are able to sift through the rubble from a highly contentious construction project that has taken place at the site of…

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