Temple Zero in Zion | Melchizedek’s Anointed Standing Stone in Jerusalem

Eli Shukron discusses ‘Temple Zero’ near Jerusalem, the original anointed standing stone in Israel from the time of Melchizedek hidden for thousands of years in Zion.

The Temple Isn’t a Place, it’s the Presence of God.

Last October, archaeologist Eli Shukron sat down with Pastor Tim Remington of the Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They discussed his discovery of ‘Temple Zero’ and the prophetic implications of this Holy site in Jerusalem.

“What is the house of God? The Stone that is set up…” explained Eli, speaking of the standing stone discovered at the site of ‘Temple Zero.’

“Nowadays we have churches; we have buildings – we have everything else.” Pastor Tim expounded, “But what was anointed back then was the actual Stone.”

Stone Condition

“They buried it, but they didn’t touch the Stone,” Eli remarked passionately. “I found the Stone as it is. Why didn’t they destroy the Stone? Why didn’t they do anything to the Stone? This is the House of God! You cannot destroy; you cannot touch.”

The prophetic importance of the discovery of what Eli calls ‘Temple Zero.’

Pastor Tim summarized, “Now – rather than having a building with fancy glass and gold and silver – this temple, and the holiness of God, and that anointing, was upon this rock. In the end, we won’t need all these other things when the Messiah comes back. Because the temple isn’t the place – it’s the presence of God. Whatever they want to build anywhere else, let them build it. We always worry about where this temple is going to go, and what happens to the Temple Mount… are we going to have to move it?”

“But if it’s in Zion,” Tim concludes, “not the Temple – but the presence of God – in the future they’ll do whatever they want to do in this ‘building’ of God, but the presence of God is still in Zion. What else is needed?”

“We found the Pool of Siloam, we found the sacrificial site, we found the press where you can make the olive oil to do the anointing upon the rock, and that is where the holiness of God is. We do not need any other place.”

You,” he says to Eli, “have uncovered where the presence of God is going to be in the future.”

In the last 25 years, Eli has dedicated his life to new discoveries in the City of David, like this discovery of Temple Zero. He has been one of the leading experts in Jerusalem antiquity. How would you like to be led through the City of David and discover Jerusalem’s hidden treasures with your own eyes?

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