33 Pages of the Purple Codex Biblical Manuscript in Patmos

Most of our customized Christian cruises to Greece and Turkey visit the island of Patmos – where John received the Revelation.

Someone who studies how God uses numbers in the Word, may find that the island of Patmos is home to exactly  33 pages of this magnificent Biblical manuscript. This Biblical manuscript from the 6th Century called the Purple Codex, was previously kept at the Constantinople Scriptorium (Istanbul).  The pages of this ancient manuscript contain the names of God written in silver and gold. At some point around the 12th century its pages were sold page by page, most likely during Crusader times. The original codex was 462 pages and 33 of these pages are kept in the quaint monastery museum that we visit on the Island of Patmos in Greece. Our visits to the Island of Patmos allows us to visit the cave where John lived and received the Book of Revelation, and it provides ample time to walk through the museum to see this Codex and other manuscripts worth noting. Join us for some lively discussions on the preservation of manuscripts and scrolls on one of our Christian journeys!

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