The Protestant Reformation’s Contemporary Relevance

Dr. Lutzer examines the Protestant Reformation and analyzes it’s contemporary relevance and importance to Christian culture.

Although the players and context are different, almost all of the conflicts that were going on during the Protestant Reformation can be seen today. Participate in one of our Christian Reformation Tours where we dive into topics such as, freedom of religion, separation of church and state, and how God uses imperfect people to accomplish His work.

Understanding the Protestant Reformation

“Someone once said that for many Christians, church history began with the first Billy Graham crusade. They think that as long as we derive our beliefs from the Bible, we can ignore the two-thousand-year history of God’s people,” writes Dr. Erwin Lutzer in the introduction of his book, Rescuing the Gospel.

The introduction highlights the importance of understanding the Protestant Reformation, stating that “the better we understand yesterday, the better we will understand today.” He explains how secularism, pagan spiritually, and the proliferation of false religion make the fundamental beliefs of the reformation quite relevant in today’s world. Lutzer writes that “the doctrinal apathy among many Christians in our nation is deserving of tears.”

Questions to Be Answered

Dr. Lutzer highlights the following questions that will be answered on-site in Germany and Switzerland as he leads travelers through the Sites of the Protestant Reformation.

  1. Do only good people go to heaven? If so, how good do we have to be?
  2. Do priests and pastors have special privileges in the sight of God that are not accessible to ordinary believers?
  3. What is the nature of the church? Should we have a regional church that encompasses all who live in a geographical region or should it be  limited to those who have personally trusted in Christ?
  4. To what extent should we accept tradition into our church life and belief system? Is all tradition bad? If not, what should we keep, and what should we discard?
  5. What does it mean to say that Christ is “the head of the church”? And how does your answer impact whatever church you happen to attend?
  6. When you participate in the Lord’s Supper, are you literally or symbolically eating and drinking Christ’s body and blood? And is infant baptism the means of entry into the Christian life?

“And perhaps most important, we will answer the question, ‘Is the Reformation over?’” writes Dr. Lutzer.

Dr. Lutzer wraps up the introduction to his book by writing, “I hope you’ll be instructed, inspired and determined to stand for the clarity of the gospel at any cost. Together we’ll be intellectually stretched and spiritually enriched. We have to rescue the gospel from distortion, cheap substitutes, and neglect. We will rediscover those truths that made the church great.”

Uncover the Fascinating History of the Protestant Reformation

Join us as we journey through the breath-taking landscape of Germany and Switzerland to uncover the fascinating history of Martin Luther and the reformation movement. Our Christian Reformation tours are composed of significant sites and locations coupled with expert teaching along the way. These tours are often led by notable teachers such as award-winning author, Dr. Erwin Lutzer of the Moody Church. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Martin Luther and the reformers as you visit the sites where Luther carried out his daily worship and conducted his teachings.

Walk  the same path as Luther once did for greater understanding of the reformation movement with one of our Reformation Tours.

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