Book of Revelation Tour in Patmos on Footsteps of Paul Christian Cruise

This 2014 Cruise includes a Book of Revelation tour, like most of our Footsteps of Paul Christian and Bible cruises and tours, on the quaint island of Patmos.  We spend 8 to 14 hours on the island so that we can visit the cave where God delivered the Revelation vision to John. While there, we sit atop the island for a time of praise and worship together, visit the museum and enjoy the quiet of the island.  Our tours also visit the island on the days that the cruise ships are not scheduled to be there.  This way, we can use the time for fellowship and reflection and we can also visit the tiny neighborhood near the cave. Please contact us for details on how you can visit this precious island on one of our many tours.  A few of the tours that visit the island in 2013 include March 2013, May 2013 and October 2013 with private tours visiting in July and August 2013. We also have departures in June and October 2014. Please contact us for more details!

Living Passages specializes in Christian cruises and tours that visit Bible based destinations that are intended to develop more understanding of The Word of God. Join us!

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