King Ezana; the Christian King of North Africa

On a recent Bible tour of Ethiopia and Northern Africa, we visited the ancient rock church dedicated to King Ezana and also the church that is dedicated in maintaining the knowledge of the mysteries of God. The priest discussed with our group these mysteries of their ancient faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of all the earth!

The old priest also shared with us his ancient Bible.  Each church has its own hand-scribed Bible and the oldest churches and monasteries keep their ancient Bible’s and texts under lock and key.  Even today, there are scribes that know the Bible verse by verse and hand scribe Bibles on goat skin.   The ancient books of Enoch were found in Ethiopia and then confirmed as accurate when it was later found with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

There are the remains of a Jewish Temple in the South of Ethiopia that has a church built over it. It was built in 400 BC as the center for learning Judaic laws and the peace offerings. Visiting the more modern structure you will see the altar that was used for the blood offerings of goats, heifers and bulls.  The sacrifices took place here in the South until King Ezana replaced the practice with communion.  King Ezana is known in this part of the world (not Europe) as the first real Christian King.  He had an unmistakable conversion to Christ.  Join us in visiting these precious Christian sites.  Contact us at for more information on Ethiopia as a Bible study destination.

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