Library Paleographer’s Delight

Precious Manuscripts at National Library of Greece

Not many tours will take the time to show you the marvelous marble National Library of Greece. It is an important part of our Footsteps of Paul Christian Tours of Greece because the library houses a treasure of virtually unknown Biblical manuscripts. The manuscripts are dated between the 7th and 11th centuries. Their construction is what makes the documents fascinating.  Scribes of the past ages used a technique called palimpsest. These manuscripts reveal text on small reinforcement strips that were cut from other, worn-out manuscripts made of parchment leaf from centuries before. These strips scraped of earlier writing and glued in the margins of pages.  The original can still be read using modern imaging techniques. Some of them are of parchment used at least a couple hundred years previous to what you will see.

Rare Tour of the Library

This rare tour can provide you with a unique opportunity to see Biblical uncatalogued manuscripts. When you join us, the library is just a couple blocks from our hotel in a centrally located area. The staff at the library are very enthusiastic. They are excited to be getting the attention of Christ followers interested in seeing these history rich artifacts.

Join some of the top teaching speakers on one of our visits to the beautiful islands of Greece and take this tour through the National Library of Greece where you can be a part of understanding the process of how precious the scriptures are! Visit the National Library of Greece on one of our small luxury 2017 Footsteps of Paul Christian Tours of Greece.

Private Tours

If you have a particular interest in these and would like to see them privately, please let us know as well.  Our group tours are limited to 22 to 42 guests. We have Christian guides in Athens that will guide you through the library as part of 3-hour morning or afternoon site visit that can be added to your trip. Our small luxury Christian tours that include this new site include Corinth and Athens. As well as the beach at Cencherea, where the Apostle Paul landed and took his Nazarite Vow.

To be a part of a Christian tour of Greece with a focus on Paul and the Early Church, taught by some of the top speakers, please call us or email us today! Click here to view our other exciting tour and Christian cruises.

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