Evidence from 700 BC Proves Jerusalem a Jewish City

Papyrus with oldest-known Hebrew reference to Jerusalem is dated 1,300 years before birth of Islam Tours to the Holy Land: A 2,700 year old papyrus, from the First Temple-era, speaks of the Hebrew city “Yerushalem”. Breaking Israel News. a news organization that offers a Biblical perspective on news from Israel and the Middle East, recently reported…

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Holy Vessel Fragments in Biblical Shiloh Location

Broken vessels at shiloh location

The ancient Shiloh location today and in the Bible The Shiloh location is a  significant site on our Israel tours and was the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant in the time of Hannah, Samuel and Eli the Priest. Hannah brought her baby Samuel to Eli the Priest in Shiloh, saying, “For this…

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Top 10 Biblical Archaeological Discoveries of 2015

Exciting Discoveries That Strengthen Our Faith in the Bible In the world of Biblical archaeologist – 2015 brought light to many new discoveries and interpretations. From locating Queen Nefertiti’s tomb to the childhood home of Jesus, 2015 allowed researches to confirm and reassess previous theories brought to us from the Bible. As experts begin to unravel…

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Geographical Cross-Shape: Coincidence or Signature of a Savior?

Cross-shaped lines connect miracles of God You may have heard that a cross-shaped protein was found in the human cell, but did you know that another significant “cross-shape” has been identified that also points to our Creator? Pastor Tim Remington, leader of a Holy Land tour, loves to direct traveler’s attention to the significant shape…

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Video: Tabernacle Model in Shiloh on Israel Tour

Watch Tabernacle Model Video Taken in Shiloh! A few of our more extensive Christian tours include sites like the Tabernacle model in Shiloh. Shiloh is a magnificent city that was originally the home of the Ark of the Covenant, Table of Showbread, Altar of Incense and the Golden Lamp Stand, all seen in the tabernacle model there today.  An expert on…

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Ancient Israel Discovery on Merneptah Stele

Ancient Israel Artifact

Ancient Israel Discovery May Pre-Date Earliest Mention of Israel at Berlin’s Egyptian Museum In an article published in the Biblical Archaeology Review, concerning ancient Israel, researchers are making great strides in the area of biblical archaeology and history. It has been assumed that the earliest known mention of Israel was found on the Merneptah Stele, where…

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Rare Biblical Discovery From King David’s Time

Biblical Discovery time of King David

This rare Biblical discovery contains words from 3,000 years ago! The name inscribed in this clay pot is referenced in ll Samuel, during the time of King David. Excavators carefully assembled this ancient artifact and were blown away to find the scriptural reference. Archeology News Report published this story recently, see what they have to…

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Why did Egypt’s Pharaoh Akenhaten Convert to Monotheism?

Why in 1400 BC did the young Pharaoh Akenhaten in Egypt convert to monotheism (believing in only one god)? We have added the site of El Amarna on our longer Christian-based Egypt tour itineraries in order to understand the significance of his decision. Certain scholars point out that Akenhaten was most likely the young Pharaoh…

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Childhood Home of Jesus Uncovered in Nazareth!

Jesus' Childhood Home Possibly Discovered

From Biblical Archaeology Society: Biblical Archaeology Review features an interesting discovery about Jesus’ childhood made by Ken Dark and the Nazareth Archaeological Project. Under the Sisters of Nazareth Convent in Nazareth, Israel, a dwelling was found that is thought to be the childhood home of Jesus. Ken explains what remains were found in the home and…

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Smyrna: the Early Church home to our faithful brother, Polycarp

Smyrna polycarp martyred

Polycarp replied, “For eighty-six years I have been His servant, and He has done me no wrong.  How can I blaspheme my King who saved me?” Polycarp was dramatically executed at age 86 at Smyrna, one of the Seven Churches of Revelation that we will visit the summer of 2015.  Polycarp was a friend of…

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