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Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean

Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean


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Biblical Archaeology & History

Frank Turek On Why the Bible Doesn’t Cover Everything

Speaker and author Frank Turek

From the surface view, the Bible appears to have some pretty major gaps. What about all of the other people groups in the world, such as the Chinese or Indians and the multitude of story lines that played out in other countries? Why doesn’t the Bible explain dinosaurs? Where were the Vikings or the Native…

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Mount Zion Might Not Be Where We Always Thought

The traditional Mount Zion in the Old City of Jerusalem

For decades, tourists have made a traditional circle through the Old City of Jerusalem, visiting so called biblical sites including Mount Zion. Shops have cropped up at these sites, selling wares and trinkets. It’s become its own economy, where it is less important that biblical events actually happened there, and more important that loads of…

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Christian Tours Exploring the Temple of Tel-Arad, Israel


The temple at Tel-Arad is a fascinating look at an ancient temple and the Israelite’s journey of faith which can be explored on our authentic Israel tours. As Bible scholars and history buffs flock to biblical sites and discuss ancient temples, one that is lesser known is the temple at Tel-Arad. That’s likely because it…

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City of David Revealed Fulfilling Biblical Prophesy

Western Wall and Dome of the Rock

Modern discoveries have revealed the authentic City of David in Israel and are fulfilling Biblical prophesy as archaeologists uncover scriptural evidence. “Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem.” Isaiah 52:2 Who would have thought that in modern times, we would get to watch this happen before our eyes through the excavation of the…

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Why are Jews Forbade from Walking Under Rome’s Arch of Titus?

Collage, Christian cruise photos

The answer lies, in the often missed, small and obscure, 1900-year-old plaque, on the second floor of the nearby Roman Coliseum. The plaque identifies the Roman Coliseum as having been built by 20,000 Jewish Slaves that were brought to Rome by Titus less than a generation from the date that Jesus foretold the destruction.  Our…

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How the Apostle Paul Stopped in Cenchrea for a Haircut

the ruins of the harbor of Cenchrea

Following the journey of the Apostle Paul through the New Testament we see that Paul is known to have visited some of the biggest cities in the Roman Empire during his travels but one of the lesser-known places he stopped was the port of Cenchrea. Scripture tells us that this was the home of Paul’s…

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Operation Solomon: 14,000 Jews Return from Ethiopia

Ethiopian Biblical manuscript being created

The Jews of Ethiopia Return Home And they shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall scatter them among the nations, and disperse them in the countries. – Ezekiel 12:15 On May 25, 1991, a lost people were transported back to their ancient home. More than 14,000 Ethiopian Jews were returned to the Holy…

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Is Reformation History still Significant today?

Dr. Erwin Lutzer's new book: Rescuing the Gospel

Someone has said that for many Christians, church history began with the first Billy Graham crusade. They think that as long as we derive our beliefs from the Bible, we can ignore the two-thousand-year history of God’s people. Church history, they reason, is really only of benefit to scholars and historians. What possible relevance could…

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How John Knox's Faith Conquered Scotland

The Life of Scottish Reformation Leader John Knox is Part of Our Reformation Tour 2018

Are you interested in a 2018 Reformation Tour to Europe? Click here to see our current Christian tours! In 1514, just a few years before Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, the town of Haddington in Scotland witnessed the birth of a boy named John Knox. Throughout…

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