New discovery near Cappadocia! Massive underground city

Cappadocia Turkey on Christian Cruises

This May Be the World’s Largest Known Underground City An exciting new discovery was recently made near Cappadocia, Turkey, while the Housing Development Administration was in the midst of an urban building project.  A 5,000 year old, underground city was found containing tunnels over 4 miles long! Experts suspect that this underground city was mainly used…

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The 7 Churches of Revelation, their struggles and strengths

Patmos where John received message for 7 Churches of Revelation

What the Bible says about the 7 Churches of Revelation Do you remember each of the 7 churches of Revelation? These churches mentioned in Revelation chapter 2 and 3 represent different struggles and strengths of the Christian church today. Here is a short overview of each of the 7 churches of Revelation, plus a description…

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The importance of Paul in Cyprus and Paphos

In southern Cyprus sits Paphos. This was a key location for many individuals who sought out the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Paphos features breathtaking villas and palaces that rival any in the world. This location would later would be known to the Christian world as the location where Paul engaged in a battle with Bar-Jesus, also known as…

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