Christian Africa tour features hand-scribed Biblical manuscripts


Africa Tour to Ethiopia Tours Hidden Monasteries

Our Christian Africa tour of Ethiopia highlights unique biblical manuscripts. For centuries, Biblical manuscript writing has continued in Africa in hidden monasteries around Ethiopia. They are considered valuable to the churches that use them because they are hand scribed while being bathed in prayer. The churches prefer the hand scribed parchments over our “printed” Bibles and we will see them in use at the various church services that will take place around the countryside.

These parchments are made from animal skins that are washed, scraped, stretched and then dried to create the writing material. The scribe dips his reed “bere” or pen and writes each word using natural inks that have been used for centuries.

The monastic enclaves responsible for the manuscripts are in Gondar and in Gunda Gunda and one is ceremoniously duplicated near Addis. The artistic discipline of the monks and the reproduction of the manuscripts are considered to be each man’s spiritual life work and offering unto The Lord. Experience these Christian sites first-hand as we explore both the practices of Black Jews of Ethiopia and Dr. Robert Cornuke’s discoveries that have been the focus on numerous programs entitled “In Search of the Ark of the Covenant” and “Mysteries of the Lost Ark”.

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