Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Jordan 2024 | Exodus Route via 47-Passenger Luxury Yacht | Joel Richardson

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From $9,655 per person

February 9-20, 2024 | Optional Goshen Pre-Tour – February 7-11 | Optional Israel Post-Tour – February 21-24

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Joel Richardson


Egypt, Jordan, Red Sea & Arabia, Saudi Arabia


Visit Jordan with Petra and the Cities of the Conquest, Saudi Arabia including Midian and Mount Sinai, the Sinai Peninsula, as well as Cairo and Luxor, Egypt, while enjoying the teachings of Joel Richardson in 2024!

A small, Biblical cruise of Exodus proportions!

This cruise and expedition are three Bible trips in one, aboard a 4-star, 47-passenger yacht specifically geared for the Exodus ports of call we will be visiting. Sailing begins in Egypt and disembarks at the gateway to Midian and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is very appropriate for retracing where the Israelites trod. This trip has an optional Israel extension, ending your journey in Jerusalem — the City of our God. Add the Israel portion starting at $1,515 per person.

You will have an opportunity to book a pre-tour incorporating the portions of Egypt where Joseph was second-in-command to Pharaoh. Joseph’s presence there was instrumental in building the storehouses and infrastructure that brought Egypt through the 7-year famine, which contributed to bringing the 12 tribes into Egypt. The optional pre-yacht extension also visits the land of Goshen (Avaris and Pi-Ramses) and Tell el-Dab’a where Moses was called by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Visit the Giza Plateau, with its commanding views of the Sphinx, Dream Stele, and the Pyramids of Giza! This yacht and 4WD land expedition of ancient Israel and the Exodus visits areas throughout Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt and is an all-encompassing Bible study tour. It is, essentially, multiple tours combined in one.

Included in the trip is the 7-day yacht adventure, 3 days in Saudi Arabia in private, 4WD expedition vehicles, Red Sea Resort stays, a 2-day tour of Jordan, 2 days in Cairo, all gratuities, 2-days on the Nile at Luxor plus 3 fabulous days on the Red Sea, specialized Saudi Arabian permits, meals, and all tours. Prices start at $9,655 per person (sharing a double room and cabin) with an air add-on of only $1,699 from New York/JFK with a change in Istanbul on Turkish Air or $1,969 per person flying non-stop to Cairo on Egypt Air from Newark and returning nonstop on United to Newark. (Rate increases after August 25, 2023.) Business class can also be quoted, contact us for details. Details of recommended flights are under the “Air Tickets” section of the Terms and Conditions.

We hope that you can join us for this chance-of-a-lifetime COMPREHENSIVE BIBLICAL itinerary! Be one of the first to visit the real Mount Sinai in the Land of Midian, and to retrace the Exodus route from the Land of Goshen to Jerusalem.

Camping at the Base of the Blackened-top of Mount Sinai!

Adventure Group Hiking Mount Sinai

This will be a true adventure in an historic wilderness! Our Saudi Arabia overnight camping is designed for the intrepid adventurer. While camping isn’t necessary to see the site of Mount Sinai, Jabal al-Lawz and Jabal Maqla, you WILL need to camp in order to CLIMB Mount Sinai. The optional camping night includes private tents — with a SHARED, mobile bathroom — mobile kitchen, and a large, Arabian tent set-up for teachings and fellowship — all at the base of Mount Sinai.

Those who have the desire to camp while traveling with someone who’s more into resort-lodging can rest assured that their companion’s comforts will be readily accommodated at the Red Sea Hotel with the rest of the group. The camping add-on is $650 and includes a special breakfast, dinner and a trekking guide to the mountain. Even those who opt not to climb can still enjoy the camping trip!

Camping & Climbing: Overnight at the Jabal al-Law!

  • Hike to Elijah’s Cave.
  • Hike, boulder, and climb to the 70 Elders’ Plateau.
  • Overnight camping under the summit plateau of Jebal al-Lawz.
  • Bouldering and climbing under the blackened peak of Jebal al-Lawz.

Snorkel or Scuba Dive in the Red Sea!

Adventure Snorkeling Red Sea Arabia

In addition to the optional night of camping, the yacht trip will provide opportunities for both scuba and snorkel trips in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt. (Requests must be approved by the Coast Guard 21 days prior to departure).

Those who choose to partake will be amazed at the underwater sites which can be investigated during our visits to Sharm el-Sheikh. The port stop of Hurghada is a major dive stop.

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To access the detailed day-to-day itinerary and tour details, please request a travel brochure.


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  • Visits to Biblical Destinations Including: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Egypt & the Red Sea!

  • 7-day Adventure Aboard a 4-Star, 47-Passenger Yacht

  • Red Sea Resort Stays

  • 3 Days in Saudi Arabia in Private 4WD Expedition Vehicles

  • 2 Days in Jordan

  • 2 Days in Cairo

  • 2 Days on the Nile at Luxor

  • Optional Goshen, Egypt – Land of Joseph Pre-Tour

  • Optional Camping at the base of Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia

  • Optional Israel – The City of Our God Post-Tour

  • Optional Round-Trip Air from New York and returning to Newark

  • All Meals, Gratuities, and Tour Fees

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  • February 9-24, 2024
  • Detailed Itinerary By Request Only
  • Please request a brochure in order to access the full day-to-day itinerary and tour details.

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Author Joel Richardson - Headshot

Joel Richardson

Author Joel’s Trumpet
Grandview, Missouri

Joel Richardson is a New York Times bestselling author, filmmaker, and teacher. Joel lives in the United States with his wife and five children. With a special love for all the people of the Middle East, Joel travels globally teaching the gospel and equipping the saints for the greatest challenges of our time.

In the years to come, Joel will be establishing a new branch of his ministry by offering more opportunities for Christians to travel around the world under his leadership exploring various branches of Biblical history and end-times eschatology. His Israel tours will focus particularly on the Christian history of Israel and the struggles of those who have fought to defend the Jewish nation after the country was re-established in 1948.

Joel brings an incredible amount of wisdom and guidance on his international tours. In his ministry and travels, Joel seeks to prepare the church for the struggles that lay ahead. As the world turns its ire on the followers of Jesus, Joel Richardson passionately works to equip the saints for the spiritual battles of the last days.

Joel is the author of numerous books, the producer of ground-breaking documentaries, and has been featured by numerous radio, television and news outlets across the world. He works closely with groups such as Frontier Alliance International (FAI) and Global Catalytic Ministries. Joel also hosts  The Underground” — an online teaching program on his website Joel’s Trumpet.

Learn more about Joel’s ministries and upcoming tours!

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We will be sailing on a small luxury ship measuring 178’ long. With the ability to sail the Red Sea ports and the Gulf of Aqaba along the coasts of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan through the Exodus crossing site of the Strait of Tiran.  This sailing is sure to impress.

The ship is fully staffed and will hold 47 passengers plus a crew of 19 to 24. Though the ship does not have balcony cabins, it does have luxury cabins with queen beds or two lower beds, depending on your choice of cabin. The ship has 3 passenger decks (plus crew decks) allowing for plenty of space to enjoy our time cruising along the Red Sea, and Sinai shores.

There is an expansive swim platform that we can use (when port and weather permits) for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Scuba diving may be offered – but is fully dependent on the Egyptian and Saudi Arabian Coast Guard. The ship, because of her size, allows us to use ports of call that are smaller, with less cumbersome time-consuming requirements. This will permit us access to small upscale marinas that are off-limits to larger vessels.

The chef specializes in Mediterranean and European foods and offers a full wine list with meals. Dining is open at your leisure. We will also enjoy set meals designed around our ports of call. Our yacht is tailored specifically to our tastes and group needs.

HARMONY G Deck Plans


Category P: Upper deck cabin. One queen bed or two twin beds. Bathroom with shower, individually controlled A/C, flat-screen TV, CD/DVD player, telephone for internal use, mini safe, mini-fridge, hairdryer, adapters (220V).

Category A: Main deck cabin. Two twin beds. Bathroom with shower, individually controlled A/C, flat-screen TV, CD/DVD player, telephone for internal use, mini safe, mini-fridge, hairdryer, adapters (220V).

Category B: Main deck cabin. Two twin beds. Bathroom with shower, individually controlled A/C, flat-screen TV, CD/DVD player, telephone for internal use, mini safe, mini-fridge, hairdryer, adapters (220V).


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