Saudi Arabia, Egypt, & Jordan 2025 | Biblical Exodus Route Red Sea Cruise & Tour | Dr. Miles Jones & Monte Judah

With Dr. Miles Jones & Monte Judah

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March 4-15, 2025 | Optional Visits Offered

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Tour Leaders:

Dr. Miles Jones & Monte Judah


Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Red Sea, Red Sea & Arabia, Saudi Arabia



Travel in luxury on a biblical expedition to the ancient site of Mount Sinai – known as Jabal al-Lawz in Northwest Arabia; Elim and the Siq leading to it (where the Saudi government only recently changed its name to the Valley of Musa), the land of the Amalekites, and Midian with the treasures of the land of Jethro, Ishmael, and Abraham’s generations. Further south – the newcomer to Biblical discoverers – the habitation of the Jewish Tribes of Northwest Arabia.

Embark on a journey like no other to these sites in Arabia plus Biblical Egypt – Tell el-Dab’a outside of Cairo, Karnak with the site of the Biblical battle with Pharoah Merneptah that took place at Ashkelon, and the Kiosk of Taharqa, named Biblically in 2 Kings 19:9 and Isaiah 37:9. We will also see the fantastic reliefs of Seti the First’s battles in Biblical Canaan and Syria which states, “the Shasu have no regard for the laws of his palace.” Then on to visit the grand funeral temple of Hatshepsut, where some scholars believe that Moses may have contributed to elements of this temple. Additionally, we see Ramesseum and the conquest wall of Ramses, Medinet Habu, and the relief of Amenhotep II in a striking scene that some scholars claim was from his death at the Red Sea.

In the Sinai Peninsula, we visit the rarely seen turquoise mine of Serabit el-Khadim and its very important inscriptions. You will also have an opportunity to visit St. Catherine’s for the importance of their manuscripts – and of course, see the two potential crossing sites of Tiran Island and Nuweiba on this journey. Our yacht has a swim platform and is sized perfectly for luxury and access to the Red Sea sites.

Finally, in Jordan visit Petra with fresh eyes and a new understanding. We have added on the sites of Basta and Beidha recently, which hold archaeological evidence of sanctuary and ancient habitation that very well may be Kadesh and Barnea. While in Jordan, we will also have lively rare discussions of Mount Seir and Paran.

This journey is co-hosted by Dr. Miles Jones, who has earned three degrees in languages and linguistics, culminating in a doctorate from The University of Texas at Austin in 1985. He is the author of “The Writing of God”, in which he translated ancient Hebrew inscriptions from Mount Sinai in Midian, Arabia. The story speaks of events straight from the pages of Exodus. These inscriptions provided physical proof of the location of the real Mount Sinai, and that the “writing of God” (Ex 32:16) was the original alphabet of letters! Most recently in March of 2023, Dr. Jones returned from an expedition to Mount Sinai in Arabia to document the evidence of the Exodus found there.

If you are looking for an amazing learning adventure, this small ship trip combines it with the comforts of luxury travel and a wealth of current Biblical discovery.

SEGMENT ONE: February 28 – March 5, 2025
Saudi Arabia add-on to cruise, or take this Saudi Arabia land trip as a stand-alone trip without the small ship cruise. This 5-day Saudi Arabia expedition visits Jabal al-Lawz – Mount Sinai, the sites of the Exodus route, as well as ancient Midian and the amazing Red Sea Crossing site and more.
SEGMENT ONE price starts at $3,899 per person double occupancy, including airfare (from Mt. Sinai to the beginning of the cruise) and the amenities outlined, as an add-on to the main tour. (We have a separate brochure and detailed pricing offer if selecting this segment only.)

MAIN SEGMENT: March 4-15, 2025
Small ship cruising. The journey primarily begins aboard ship – a 10-day luxury small ship itinerary beginning in Saudi Arabia that visits the temples and pyramids of Egypt, the Red Sea mysteries, the ancient Hebrew site of Serabit el-Khadim, two days at Luxor and Thebes along the Nile River, ending in Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba.
This MAIN SEGMENT price starts at $9,199 per person double occupancy, including airfare and all the amenities and tours as outlined.

SEGMENT TWO: March 14-20, 2025
Jordan/Israel Add-on to the small ship cruise, or you can take this trip as a stand-alone trip (without the cruise or the Saudi Arabia expedition). This is a 7-day journey through the route of the final Exodus stages incorporating Jordan and Israel from Petra (with special entrances to Kadesh and Barnea) where the Israelites spent 38 of their 40 years. Visit the places of importance to the Exodus story and where the Ark was present in Israel.
SEGMENT TWO price starts at $4,399 per person double occupancy. (We have a separate brochure and detailed pricing offer if selecting this segment only.)

If you select the entire Exodus teaching journey, including travel from North America, the full dates are February 28 – March 20, 2025, for a total of 21 days. If you select the entire journey, the cost of your trip starts at $17,497 per person sharing a double room.

Trip Grade:

Not Challenging: Most of the sites are very accessible with limited walking. Should you participate in the Saudi Arabia Exodus add-on there is one altar that does require walking into a rocky area for approximately 1/3 mile in each direction. Most walking will be at a leisurely pace without large crowds. Walking will be in 15-minute segments and then you will have an ability to rest. While yes, you can exert energy and do some climbing in the upper areas of some of the rock formations and high places, it is not necessary to see the inscriptions and key sites. 

Bathroom Facilities: There will be some long drives, in Egypt there are bathrooms within the buses, in Arabia and Jordan there are not as we are in smaller vehicles. In Jordan, there are plenty of easy stops for bathrooms. In Saudi Arabia, while there are wonderful new facilities on the roadways, once we are at the Hebrew encampments, we access rocks and palm trees for privacy

The Great Secret – God Gave us the Alphabet at Mount Sinai

It is written on the rocks at Mount Sinai in Arabia. It is explained quite clearly in Scripture. The tablets were “the work of God and the writing was the writing of God.” You shall teach your children to read and to write and to do numbers. The “writing of God” is not only at Sinai but the alphabet is the constant companion of the Israelites from Egypt, Goshen, to Serabit el Khadim (in the Sinai Peninsula), to Mount Sinai in Midian, Arabia, to Mount Ebal in the Promised Land and elsewhere in Israel.

These are the alphabetic footprints of the Israelites throughout the Exodus! We will take you on that journey to each stage of the Exodus and teach you the archaeology that proves the truth of the most important event in the Old Testament the Sinai Covenant. Come and find the evidence of the truth of the Bible with us in a fascinating voyage of historical discovery with Dr. Miles Jones, author of The Writing of God, the book that follows the footprints of the Israelites proving that God gave us the alphabet at Sinai.

Experience the Luxury Boutique Cruise Ship, The Star Legend, with its New All-suite $250 Million Transformation!

star legend sunset

The all-suite yacht accommodations start at a generous 277 square feet, with ample balconies and public space to explore on board. You will love the beautiful new teak sundecks, the iconic cascading pools, plus a maximum of 312 guests on board. Our unique group will encompass up to 60 of those guests. We have created this masterful itinerary utilizing a few of their ports of call. It’s not just a cruise, it is a learning opportunity full of fellowship and chances to further the Exodus story. We hope you are a part of it!

No other tour or cruise of this nature will combine the Exodus sites on a cruise ship with the world class opportunity to visit Jabal al Lawz, the proto-Hebraic inscriptions of Mount Sinai in Arabia, Serabit el Khadim, Wadi el-Hol, Basta, Tell el Dab’a, Beidha, Thebes, Karnak and more!

Camping at the Base of the Blackened-top of Mount Sinai!

Saudi Climbing

This will be a true adventure in an historic wilderness! Our Saudi Arabia overnight camping is designed for the intrepid adventurer. While camping isn’t necessary to see the site of Mount Sinai, Jabal al-Lawz and Jabal Maqla, you WILL need to camp in order to CLIMB Mount Sinai. The optional camping night includes private tents — with a SHARED, mobile bathroom — mobile kitchen, and a large, Arabian tent set-up for teachings and fellowship — all at the base of Mount Sinai.

Those who have the desire to camp while traveling with someone who’s more into resort-lodging can rest assured that their companion’s comforts will be readily accommodated at the Red Sea Hotel with the rest of the group. The camping add-on is $650 and includes a special breakfast, dinner and a trekking guide to the mountain. Even those who opt not to climb can still enjoy the camping trip!

Camping & Climbing: Overnight at the Jabal al-Law!

  • Hike to Elijah’s Cave.
  • Hike, boulder, and climb to the 70 Elders’ Plateau.
  • Overnight camping under the summit plateau of Jebal al-Lawz.
  • Bouldering and climbing under the blackened peak of Jebal al-Lawz.

Snorkel or Scuba Dive in the Red Sea!

Adventure Snorkeling Red Sea Arabia

In addition to the optional night of camping, the yacht trip will provide opportunities for both scuba and snorkel trips in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt. (Requests must be approved by the Coast Guard 21 days prior to departure).

Those who choose to partake will be amazed at the underwater sites which can be investigated during our visits to Sharm el-Sheikh. The port stop of Hurghada is a major dive stop.

Click here to learn more.

To access the detailed day-to-day itinerary and tour details, please request a travel brochure.

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  • 12-Day hosted Biblical study tour.

  • Two Bible scholars – Dr. Miles Jones and Pastor Monte Judah for the duration of your trip.

  • 10 days aboard a luxury yacht of 312 guests that has recently undergone a 250-million-dollar renovation!

  • All Biblically based tours with the world’s top guides teaching Bible-based application.

  • Visits to Biblical destinations including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Egypt & the Red Sea!

  • Optional land expedition to Jabal al-Lawz (Mount Sinai) in private 4WD expedition vehicles.

  • Optional camping at the base of Mt. Sinai – Jabal al-Lawz.

  • Airport transfers included when you arrive at the selected arrival/departure schedules, or we can add them to you if you choose to arrive separately.

  • Luxury transportation within Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

  • 2-Day/1-night luxury overnight tour of the Royal Valley of the Kings and Queens, Luxor, and Karnak on The Nile in Egypt.

  • 2-Day/1-night overnight stay in the Red Sea port of Sharm El-Sheikh with potential for diving or snorkeling in the Red Sea and visiting the site of the Tiran Exodus crossing site.

  • 2-Day/1-night overnight stay in Cairo with the option to expand your journey with the Joseph and Hebrews of Avaris extension for 2 additional nights.

  • All meals and beverages (non-alcoholic) are included.

  • Daily unlimited water on tour and ship. You can also purchase a special package with unlimited wines and beverages.

  • Entrance fees to all sites mentioned, including those operated by special permit for our group.

  • Ability to add on the 5-day matching trip to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia and the sites of the Exodus route (also hosted by Dr. Jones and Pastor Judah).

  • Ability to add on the 5-day matching trip to Israel at the end of the journey that includes a focus on the sites of Petra, Basta, and the Beidha settlements of Jordan (also hosted by Dr. Jones and Pastor Judah).

  • All gratuities to guides, drivers, ship staff, wait staff, and porters during the core 12-day luxury cruise and tour from Jeddah to Aqaba.

  • All port taxes and fees.

  • Visas included for Saudi Arabia and Jordan. We will have you purchase your Egyptian visa on arrival as it is easy and economical ($ 25 USD at the time of printing).

  • Optional Round-Trip Air from Washington, Dulles and returning to New York.

  • Optional “Cancel for any Reason” Insurance.

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  • March 4-15, 2025
  • Detailed Itinerary by Request Only
  • Please request a brochure in order to access the full day-to-day itinerary and tour details.

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monte judah

Monte Judah

Norman, OK

On March 15th of 1995, Monte Judah established Lion and Lamb Ministries as a non-profit religious education ministry, first publishing a monthly newsletter called Yavoh Messianic Magazine and offering his recipe for “anointing oil.” For nearly a year, he wrote the monthly newsletter and helped establish a local Messianic congregation called B’nai Shalom. But then the doors opened wide to speak and teach in many places when he traveled to Israel for the first time. By the summer of 1996, many of his teachings came onto the national scene. The teachings challenged believers to re-examine their eschatology (the study of end times) and the basic instructions of the faith (the Torah). Many of his own Messianic Jewish brethren rejected his theologies and teachings. God used these issues to define the ministry and to refine Monte. As a result, Monte has helped establish many Messianic fellowships and congregations and developed many Messianic teachings on various Scriptural topics. Monte continues to serve as a pioneer in the Messianic community as the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Lion and Lamb Ministries

dr miles jones

Dr. Miles Jones

Author The Writing of God

Dr. Miles Jones has earned three degrees in languages and linguistics, culminating in a doctorate from The University of Texas at Austin in 1985. He is the author of “The Writing of God”, in which he translated ancient Hebrew inscriptions from Mount Sinai in Midian, Arabia. Their story speaks of events straight from the pages of Exodus. These inscriptions provided physical proof of the location of the real Mount Sinai, and that the “Writing of God” (Ex 32:16) was the original alphabet of letters!

Most recently in March of 2023, Dr. Jones returned from an expedition to Mount Sinai in Arabia to document the evidence of the Exodus found there. On that expedition, he uncovered the archives of the Banu Qurayza, a priestly Hebrew tribe in Arabia, including a book of their history made out of pages of beaten gold.

Dr. Jones has uncovered the earliest Hebrew manuscript of the Gospels – and authenticated their first-century origin! The translation of The Hebrew Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – reveals a new depth of knowledge of our Hebrew Messiah, Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Heretofore, everything we know about our Hebrew Messiah has come down to us through the Greek filter of a different language, culture, and thought. Sons of Zion reveals a secret power given to the Hebrews upon Mt. Sinai and transferred to some degree to the Greeks. The subsequent history of the transmission of the Word has been the story of the war between the Sons of Zion vs Sons of Greece. The Hebrew Gospels were carefully preserved, and spread, by the original Messianic Church. The Hebrew Gospels and the Messianic Church were targeted for extinction by the Greco-Roman Church of Constantine.

This is the untold story of their miraculous survival!

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The all-suite yacht gets even more ocean view suites starting at a generous 277 square feet to choose from, more delight on deck, and more to explore on board. You will love the beautiful new teak sundecks, the iconic cascading pools, plus 50 new impeccably designed all-suites for just 312 guests. Group this bold ship with Living Passages’ masterful itineraries, an all-inclusive format, the swim platform, custom meals, and high crew-to-passenger ratio in the Bible’s most interesting locations, and you have the learning trip of a lifetime!

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All Accommodations Feature:

Queen Size Bed with Luxurious Linens, Waffle Weave Robe and Slippers, Interactive TV, Fully Stocked Mini Bar/Refrigerator, Safe, Direct Dial Phone, L’Occitane Bath Amenities, Fresh Fruit, Hair Dryers and 110/220 outlets, Wi-Fi Internet Access(various plans available for purchase). Cabins with your choice, balcony, picture window or porthole.

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