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Saudi Arabia, Egypt, & Jordan 2025 | Biblical Exodus Route Red Sea Cruise & Tour | Dr. Miles Jones & Monte Judah

Biblical Exodus Route Red Sea Cruise & Tour |  Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan & Israel
March 4 – 15, 2025

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Important for Acceptance into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

In the past years travel to the Kingdom was not allowed with Israeli stamps in your passport. That is no longer the case as of today.

Be advised that you will be fingerprinted and undergo a retinal scan upon arrival in the country.

The country is undergoing a remarkable restoration and we cannot predict if a site might be under construction. Be sure to study the artificial intelligence-operated area called NEOM. Our travels will take us into the middle area of it.

Your Travel Experience Package Includes:

All prices quoted include the 11-day (plus travel time if departing North America) small luxury yacht cruise with 8-days of rich Biblically based specific teachings onsite within Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan PLUS teachings and fellowship aboard the yacht by both Exodus experts. The core 11-day itinerary includes all tipping, all non-alcoholic beverages, all meals, visas for Jordan and Saudi Arabia (Egypt is purchased on arrival for $60USD), all port taxes, a two-day overnight trip to Luxor with hotel and all meals, very special permits to visit Serabit el Khadim and the sites within the Exodus route and all fees, an Egyptologist who joins us in Egypt who is Biblically trained, round-trip airport transfers (when you match our group airline schedule), the opportunity to utilize our group airfare, opportunity to add-on the Mount Sinai in Arabia expedition with potential to camp and overnight at the base of Mount Sinai and see all the areas of the encampments in Arabia. THEN you also have an opportunity to add-on to the end of the main segment – an extension that takes in RARELY visited Kadesh/Barnea in Jordan where the Hebrews spent 38 of their 40 years and an Exodus intensive tour to Israel with the most unique and rarely visited sites that focus in on the early arrival of the Hebrews and burial sites of the Patriarchs. You will have some very exclusive visits with Miles Jones and Monte Judah, this is a trip that cannot be replaced.

We offer an add-on for round-trip economy class airfare from specific East Coast cities (see Terms & Conditions for details) for $1,499pp which includes transfers to and from the airport. If you would like to arrange your own airfare and arrive at the same time as the group flights, you are welcome to take our airport transfers. To match our air schedule and obtain airport transfers please see Terms & Conditions under Air Tickets for our air schedules. Also, once you are booked, we are more than happy to help you decide on another schedule that may be more convenient or appropriate to your air travel needs.

Traveling Single:

We match roommates! If you are a single person or traveling alone, we do have others who would like to travel with us without paying the single supplement. We assign roommates approximately 2 weeks prior to departure. We cannot guarantee it, but it has worked well for many. Learn more here.

Please note:

  • There is a credit card price and a discounted price when paying cash/check for the cruise. You may, if you wish, make your deposit and insurance premium payment by credit card and pay the balance by check. If you choose to do this, we will apply the cash discount to your full cost.
  • Transfers are not included unless you are taking our optional air program. If you make your own flight arrangements or book outside of the optional group air, you will be responsible for obtaining your transfer to and from our starting and ending destinations.

Terms and Conditions:

Please review the full Terms & Conditions before booking!


Saudi Arabia, Egypt, & Jordan 2025 | Biblical Exodus Route Red Sea Cruise & Tour | Dr. Miles Jones & Monte Judah

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